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Welsh Surf News

Welsh Nationals 2015

Don't forget entry to the Welsh Nationals closes on the 28th April

Entry forms to the WSF Office, 16-18 Mary St, Porthcawl, CF36 3YA

Entry forms in the download section.




Updated Criteria for Longboard judging


Please note the following changes to the BLU longboard judging criteria..


British Longboard Union

Judging Guidelines for Competitors, Judges and Coaches.

The British Longboard aims to promote longboarding in all its forms for the youngest grommets through to the more seasoned Legends and Oaks. Although a principal part of the role of the BLU is to provide every opportunity for our athletes to compete at the highest possible level, we believe this is underpinned by an inclusive, supportive longboard community where all surfers can develop along their chosen pathway.

The British Longboard Union is extremely proud of the successes of its athletes past and present not only in the water but as our ambassadors across the world.

In order to continue the challenge at European and World level we need to embrace the changes that the International Surfing Association (ISA) have introduced to take effect from 1st January 2015. The World Surfing League (WSL) is following similar guidelines although the wording and format may not be the same.

To quote Glen Elliot, ISA Judging Advisor, We are definitely looking at the traditional elements more so than in the recent past. Flow and smooth transitions from manoeuvre to manoeuvre is important as is, the use of the full length of the surfboard. Essentially shortboard surfing on a longboard will no longer be fully appreciated by the judges.

Although the traditional elements are key in the new criteria, board specification has remained unchanged:

Longboard Specification 2015: Length is a minimum of 9 feet from the tip of the nose, to the end of the tail in a straight horizontal line along its deck. The width dimensions to be a minimum aggregate of 47 inches. That is the total width at the widest point, plus the width 12 inches up from the tail and the width 12 inches back from the nose. However, it is my belief that a more traditional board with a volume that generates a natural momentum in trim will be at an advantage over a lighter board hunting pockets for speed.

ISA Longboard Judging Criteria 2015

(Bold type indicates extract from ISA 2015 Handbook)

The longboard surfer must perform controlled traditional manoeuvres with the highest degree of difficulty in the most critical sections of the wave to gain the highest score.

? The concept of modern manoeuvres have been removed.

? Style, flow and visual appeal been given a higher tariff than to commitment

? Arms are an aid to balance and no longer levers to accelerate rotation into and out of turns. Changes of direction come from the body core where ankles, knees and hips work together seamlessly.

? Extended nose-rides are what the judges will be looking for: stalling, setting trim and cross-stepping with style and control, weight over the nose rather than multiple dab fives.

? The critical sections of the wave has remained in the criteria so a surfers score would not be enhanced by riding a wave to the beach unless the critical sections continued to be available.

? Riding white-water to the beach would NOT influence the score that the judges applied to the ride.

? At this point I think it would be helpful to consider traditional manoeuvres. In the 60s (I was there!!) they fell into two categories: modern surfing and stunt surfing. Clearly the ISA and WSL are applying the former to their criteria.

? Take Off

? Trimming

? Turns: Drop knee, cross step (reverse drop knee, stall)

? Walking (cross stepping)

? Nose ride (+ hang 5s / Hang10)

? Getting off the wave (controlled exit): Pull-outs (bottom turn, Squatting Island, and Standing Island) Kick out.

? Although the following (non-functional) manoeuvres have their place firmly in certain traditional events e.g. the 60s Stylemasters, run by the Hotdoggers LSC at Saunton they will not be fully appreciated by the judges on the BLU 2015 Tour:

? Coffin rides

? Spinners

? Quasimodos

? Crouches: Strauch, forward

? Head dips

? Head stands

? Skeg first take-offs

Judges will reward the performance with reference to style and flow, visual appeal, commitment, variety of manoeuvres and use of the entire board, speed and power. Nose riding, trimming and footwork will be important elements in the Judges decision-making.

NOTE: Its important to note that the emphasis of certain elements is contingent upon the location and the conditions on the day, as well as changes of conditions during the day.

? Variety highlights the need to present different types of manoeuvres on the one wave,

? Combination refers to the choice of manoeuvres and the order they are done and also the mix chosen indicate the riders skill.

? Speed, style and flow highlights the way the wave is presented and the manner in which the rider is able to link the moves together.

? Cross stepping out of and into turns and nose rides, carving drop knee turns and extended nose rides with weight directly over the tip are all indications of the quality of style and flow in traditional surfing.

? Categories of Waves and scoring scale remains unchanged.

Categories of Waves


















BLU Judging Criteria 2015

o Nose riding, trimming and rail surfing

o Critical section of wave ·

o Variety

o Speed and power

o Commitment

o Control

o Footwork


Welsh Nationals 2015 in association with Rusty, FCS, Gorilla and MiPost


The Welsh Surfing Federation is pleased to announce that this year’s Welsh National Surfing Championships will be co-sponsored by Rusty, FCS and Gorilla (through Holysport UK) and MiPost Mailing Solutions, Cardiff.

In a statement President Huw John said: “We’re delighted that following last year’s successful sponsorship deal that Rusty, FCS and Gorilla will again be supporting our Flagship Event along with MiPost who already sponsor Glamorgan Cricket Team. It’s fantastic that the WSF is able to attract sponsorship from MiPost who recognise the appeal of our sport to their business and the non surfing public. We would like to thank both Liam O’Shea (Holysport UK) and Ken Vaughan (Mipost) for their generosity and commitment to surfing in Wales.”

The Welsh Nationals is scheduled to take place over the bank holiday weekend of May 2nd, 3rd and 4th at the usual venue of Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire.

The contest is the most prestigious WSF event of the year, bringing together competitors of all ages to compete for one of 15 National Titles as well as places in the National Team to compete at European and World level.

Last year’s Open Champion James Jones (Gower) has shown good form in the early part of 2015 and will look to successfully defend his title from hotly tipped local surfers Alex Morris, Harry Cromwell and some of Wales best young surfers Max Payne, Rhys Poulton and Rhys Barfield.

Emily Williams could make history if she’s able to defend both her Women’s Open and U18 Girls titles for the third time in what will prove very tough competition.

The WSF would like to wish all our competitors and officials alike the very best of luck at the event and pass on thanks to the National Trust and Pembrokeshire Parks for allowing us to use Freshwater West once again.

Entry forms available to download in the online form section here


Channel Coast Chargers Retain Wilkinson Sword


Llantwit Major’s Channel Coast surf club successfully defended their Welsh Interclub title with a dominant display on home turf in pumping conditions. The Chargers, as they are known to their rivals, got off to the best possible start and despite the odd scare never looked back to take a comfortable win over Welsh Coast Surf Club, Langland Board Riders and Pembrokeshire Surf Ryders.

The Wilkinson Sword has been the traditional curtain raiser for the Welsh contest season since 1980. Having pipped arch rivals Porthcawl’s Welsh Coast Surf Club by the narrowest of margins last year it was the Chargers honour to host the event. A solid, slightly wobbly yet fun looking 4ft swell greeted contestants with the event getting swiftly under way.

First up the under 18’s who were given the early task of testing their paddling strength against Llantwit’s notorious rip. Arran Bright made light work of both the rip and the opposition with a typically solid performance that set the Chargers on their way. Five Open heats followed which saw Rob Blyth (WC), Adam Jenkins (LBR), Gareth Vaughan (CC), Craig Bright (CC) and Nathan Phillips (CC) take maximum points and Channel Coast edged out into an early lead.


Greg Owen - Welsh Coast Surf Club pic by Tim Parfitt


As the tide pushed in conditions got better and better, the wind and rip dropped and the swell pulsed providing a platform for excellent surfing on the Point.

The Over Something’s enjoyed the best of the conditions and brought some of the day’s best action. Greg Owen (WC) convincingly took the over 40’s whilst James Jones (LBR) and Jamie Bateman (CC) locked into a two-way shoot out in the over 35’s; in what was now pumping surf it took a last minute right by Jones to finally see off Bateman. Mark Vaughan notched up another Channel Coast win in the over 28’s, whilst Breige Lawrence put Welsh Coast back in contention with a good display in the Women’s.

James Jones - LBR Pic by Tim Parfitt

At the two thirds mark the Chargers found themselves in a commanding position.


Jamie Bateman -  Channel Coast  pic by Tim Parfitt


Competition shifted from the Point to the fast running rights of the Ledges to ensure our youngest competitors maximum opportunity to showcase their talents; they didn’t disappoint. First up the U14 rippers, Eli Davies (CC), Jo Morris (WC), Seth Morris (PSR) and Ejay Cogger (LBR) who let their miniature frames loose on the walling rights. The more experienced Jo and Seth, in particular, blitzed the heat giving the expectant crowd plenty to cheer.  A near perfect 9.5, (the day’s highest scoring ride) saw Jo take the win over Seth on this occasion to narrow Channel Coast’s lead over Welsh Coast.

The under 16’s were up next in what was a very tight heat. Jack Mathias gave PSR their first heat win of the day over Cieren Hughes (CC), Logan Nichol (WC) and Patrick Langdon Dark (LBR).Angharad John gave Porthcawl further hope as she narrowly out surfed Niamh Mathias (PSR), Ffion Hughes (CC) and Cadi-Mai Poulton to win the Under18 girls heat.

The action switched back to the point with the Ladies and Men’s Longboard heats. Rachel Cosier put in one of the day’s outstanding performances, prompting club captain Mark Vaughan to name her Man Of the Match, sealing a very hard fought victory over an inform Hazel Ilett putting the Chargers into an unassailable lead with one heat to spare.

Bragging rights still remained in the men’s longboard as Connor Griffiths (LBR) and Raife Gaskell (PSR) demonstrated why they are considered two of the UK’s finest surfers. Connors more traditional surfing outpointed Raife’s more aggressive approach to give LBR the day’s last heat win but wasn’t enough to elevate LBR to second place.

The final team results were as follows:

1st Channel Coast – 1125 points

2nd Welsh Coast – 975 points

3rd Langland Board Riders – 875 points

4th Pembrokeshire Surf Club – 700 points.

The WSF and Channel Coast Surf Club would like to pass on their sincere thanks to the following people:

Llantwit Major Lifeguards

Maria at the Beach Café

Judges: Ray Sansom, Michaela Kuhne, Rhydian Brewer, Steve Poulton, Keith Usher and James McGregor.

Tabulator: Anne Blythe

Beach Marshall: Stuart Bentley

Head Judge: Craig Burrows

Channel Coast Surf Clubs Members for clearing the storm damage from the car park and walkways, and supporting the event. 
Steve Sawyer and Pat the Chat for the Soup and Refreshments.

Channel Coast’s Curt and Nails.

Channel Coasts - Eli  Youngest Competitor!! Pic by Chris French


Wilkinson Sword Champs 2015

Big congrats to Channel Coast Chargers for winning the Wilkinson Sword Welsh interclubs for the second year running..
Write up to follow, once Vaunt finishes celebrating!



The Wilky is on!!

The Channel Coast Chargers are ready for the Wilkinson Sword comp this weekend. 
Fair play the crew have been out there clearing the boulders from the car park today, get there for 8:30 am check in Saturday morning!!

Good Luck to all the teams.

Thanks to Ciaran Thompson for the poster.



Wilkinson Sword Welsh Interclubs

The Wilkinson Sword is ON for this Saturday at Llantwit Major.

Please can you ensure your team has been provided to the WSF and checked in by 8.30am ready for a potential 9am start.

Please note due to recent high tides the beach car park has incurred some storm damage and the over flow car park remains flooded. Please can you look to limit vehicles and park with consideration to others.

See you Saturday!


Wilkinson Sword Welsh Interclubs 2015 - this weekend

Not only is the Wilkinson Sword Welsh Interclubs scheduled to run this weekend, the Quiksilver/Roxy Pro will also be kicking off, comps at two world famous point breaks!!

Call for the Wilkinson Sword to be made tomorrow, will be posted here, Facebook and twitter!!

Don't forget the WSF now has a Fantasy Surfer public group ( just search for Welsh in the public groups ), only 6 of you have joined so far, c'mon let's see who is top at the end of the year!

Pic below of Llantwit last weekend.



Wilkinson Sword Welsh Interclubs 2015


Don't forget the Wilkinson Sword Welsh Interclubs is scheduled to be held next weekend at Llantwit Major, hosted by last years champs Channel Coast Chargers.
Call will be made Thursday morning, will be posted asap.

Get your paddling arms ready, the rip on the Point awaits..


ISA Worlds Schedule Announced

ISA have now published this years schedule here



Dates for diaries!

Wilkinson Sword - Saturday 28th February / 1st March (Llantwit)

WSF AGM - Sunday 22nd March - 6pm Hi-Tide Porthcawl

Welsh Nationals - Freshwater West - 2nd/3rd/4th May ( Back up dates 23rd/24th/25th May )

ISA SUP Worlds in 10th-17th May - Mexico

Senior Euros -  12th - 20th September  ( Casablanca )

Contest Calender to follow


Wales Sports Awards 2014 - Sam Moore

Huge Congrats to WSF Fitness coach and WCSC Grom Development coach Sam Moore who is a finalist in the Wales Sport Awards 2014 and has been nominated for his work as a coach to disabled people.

Fair play to Sam, he's an inspiration to the groms involved with the WSF and Welsh Coast Surf club not only for his fitness training but also the fact that he is a WORLD CHAMPION (age 30-35) in surf swim, surf ski and ocean man, he won his title at the Lifesaving World Championships 2014 held in Montpellier France.

More info about Sam and his work here..

Pic above of Sam competing in the longboard division at the Welsh Coast Surf Club championships. Pic courtesy of Claire Beach.


Pob Lwc i tîm yr Alban

Good luck to the Scottish Surfing Federation team who fly out tomorrow to compete in the International Surfing Federations 50th Anniversary World surfing championship being held at Punta Rocas Peru.

It's the first Scottish team to compete at a ISA World champs, we're sure you will have a great time , enjoy the experience and do your country proud!

The event starts on October 24th and live webcast will be available here







Swansea boyos ripping!

Some great results for Swansea based surfers over the last couple of weeks.

Connor Griffiths won the Open division of the Christian Surfers Jesus Longboard classic held at Polzeath over the weekend of 11th/12th October.

Report here

Rhys Poulton has just won the BUCS  Student surf championship at Fistral this weekend. Think that makes him 2014 Mens BUCS Champion!

Will post report when i can find it!

Well done both, fantastic to see you both ripping in the seniors!!


ESF Euro Juniors 2014 - 8th!














Immensely proud of the the Welsh Junior team after their 8th place finish in the European Juniors held in the Azores.
They have all worked really hard in tough conditions and shown great team spirit throughout the contest.
Huge congrats to Bethan Lewis 4th in the U18 Bodyboard & Raife Gaskell 4th in the Longboard.
Well done team, enjoy the free surf before you come home!

Team List

Team Manager – Stu Bentley

Assist. Manager- Linda Sharpe

Coach - Ingemar Cressey

Photos/selfies - Gareth Hughes

U18 Boys

Arran Bright

Rhys Barfield

Reserve/BB – Nathaniel James, Owen Alexander

U 18 Girls

Angharad John

Emily Williams

Reserve/BB – Bethan Lewis

U16 Boys

Cieran Hughes

Logan Nichol

Reserve/BB Patrick Langdon-Dark

U14 Boys

Joseph Morris

Seth Morris

A big thanks to the officials, the team and the parents who made the trip possible.


Euro Juniors Azores 2014


Finals day at the 2014 Euro Juniors, we've got Raife Gaskell in the Longboard Final and Bethan Lewis in the Bodyboard semis!

Bethan is up first at about 9:30 ( UK time ), then Raife in at 13:25 ( UK time ).

Good luck both, harness the force of yr Draig Coch!

These times may change, keep an eye on the website here


Well done to all the groms who have competed, keep the support going, we're proud of you all!!




European Juniors 2014

Comp starts at 8:00 Azores time, which will be 9:00 am our time. Will post approx heat times once we have them

U18 Body board in this morning.
Owen Alexander -heat 3 Nathaniel James -heat 4

Then Patrick Langdon-Dark in the U16 BB.

U18 Boys
Rhys Barfield in Heat 1 and Arran Bright in Heat 6

Good luck all..

Webcast on here


The Welsh Juniors on their way to the European Championships..

Good luck all, we know you'll do us proud!

The European Juniors held at Santa Barbara in the Azores will be kicking off on the 13th September, webcast and heat listings url will be posted here.




Freshwater West BLU Longboard Classic POSTPONED

Due to there probably not being any surf this weekend, the BLU at Fresh has been postponed.

The Freshwater West BLU Longboard Classic in association with the National Trust will now be held at Fresh West on the 20th/21th September.

( 26th/27th September will be used as a backup!)
Last years event was a cracker, get your entries in now!!

Entry forms on BLU website http://www.british-longboard-union.co.uk



Rip Curl Gromsearch Fresh West Postponed

Lack of surf forces us to postpone this weekends Rip Curl Gromsearch at Fresh West..

New dates coming soon!



Junior Squad Training August 2014 Reminder!

Quick reminder about the Welsh Junior Squad training to be held at Rest Bay, Porthcawl on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd August.
Can all interested please send in your payments to 
Stu Bentley.
Sunny Court
22 Rest Bay Close
CF36 3UN

Alternatively if you can't make it please let Stu know via email so we have an accurate idea of the numbers attending.
Many Thanks


Rip Curl Gromsearch 2014 - Welsh Groms on it!!

The Welsh Groms were out in force at the first Rip Curl Gromsearch of 2014 held at Croyde this weekend, sounds like conditions were pretty tough with very small surf but some great performances from the youngsters.

Ffion Hughes  won the U12's, was 2nd in the U14's and 4th in the U16's. Joseph Morris took 3rd in the U14's. Seth Morris won best move in the Expression Session. Niamh Mathias was 5th in the U16's, Patrick Langdon-dark, Jack Mathias, Seth Morris, Cieran Hughes & Max Payne all made it to the semi's in their respective divisions.


Next Weekend the Rip Curl Gromsearch moves to Fresh West, fingers crossed for some swell so the groms can make the most of their home fixture!!


Call to be made by 17:00 on Wednesday!!

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